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Small Starting Capital
You can get started with just 0.05ETH, although the more you start with, the faster you generate income.
With the help of the Smart Contract technology, 100% of the income goes directly to the specific partner. The project doesn't take or keep any funds.
Scam Proof
There is no money kept in any centralised way, and the platform requires no administrator, since it's programmed to run automatically and permanently on the Ethereum Blockchain, and cannot be modified by any entity.
Complete Transparency
All the transactions of every participant in the project are publicly available and verifiable on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Instant Payouts
Smart Contract transactions are instant and irreversible, heading straight to your personal wallet.
Unlimited Income Potential
You can earn 10ETH, 100ETH, 1000ETH, or any sum you dream of. The income is proportional to your implication. You can even earn without referring anyone, with the help of spillovers.

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